Research projects

My research is in sedimentology of fluvial deposits and in the relationship between tectonics and sedimentation, mainly based on field data. I have studied Cretaceous (145 M.a. to 66 M.a.) fluvial deposits in Northeastern Brazil, Neogene to Quaternary (23 M.a. to recent) fluvial deposits and active fluvial systems in the Amazon.

Currently, I have been focusing on photographic acquisition with drones and on processing it onto 3D models of outcrops and modern sedimentary deposits in order to extract geological data from them. The results present a great potential for water, oil and gas reservoir analogue studies.

I have also been studying Precambrian fluvial deposits (older than 542 m.a.), mainly in Chapada Diamantina, Northeastern Brazil, and Neoproterozoic sedimentary successions, mainly in the Paraguay Belt, which tell the history of the onset of multicellular life on Earth under extreme environmental conditions.

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