Travel Agency

The official travel agencyfor ISTA18 will be  OK Viagensokviagens

You can buy your air ticket and book excursions to different parts of Brazil before or after the meeting.

 Note: All prices listed in this page are approximated, they can change without notice



List of suggested hotels:

Carlton Plaza Hotel

4 min (1.9 km) by car / 12 min walk (taxi ≃ BRL 10)
Rua Boulevard de la Loi, nº 601
Centreville, Limeira – SP
CEP 13484-247

Hotel where social events will be held and the closest to the university. Special rates for ISTA18 including free internet, breakfast and parking. Make your own reservation as soon as possible. Inform you are from the UNICAMP ISTA18 group for special rates.

Phone: +55 19 2113-8989 | Fax.: +55 19 2113-8962

Special ISTA18 rates:
Single R$ 140
Double R$ $ 175
Triple R$ 230 
 Limited number os rooms, make your reservation asap directly:

Other hotels available

Hotel JWF Limeira

13 min (8.8 km) by car (taxi BRL 30)
Rua José Jorge Rodrigues, 485
Limeira – SP
CEP 13486-316
Phone: +55 19 3444-6693   or  +55 19 3404-1630

Limeira Othon Suites

12 min (8.0 km) by car (taxi ≃ BRL 25)
Rua Miguel Guidote, 1295
Parque Egisto Ragazzo, Limeira – SP
CEP 13485-342
Phone:+55 19 3404-4488

Ventura Inn Hotel

12 min (8.3 km) by car (taxi ≃ BR 25)
Av. Ismael Ferreira dos Santos, 620
Parque Egisto Ragazzo, Limeira – SP
CEP 13485-344
Phone: +55 19 3441-8777

Nacional Inn

12 min (4.0 km) by car (taxi ≃ BRL 20)
Rua Barão de Campinas, 224
Centro, Limeira – SP
CEP 13480-210
Phone: +55 19 3446-5300


Other places to stay

Please go to and post you are interested in renting a room in some of our student’s house. It is possible that you can find a good deal with them.


Transportation information

1) Cotaxi – this is the official company of taxi in Limeira

Approximate prices for the Airport transportation:
Guarulhos/Limeira or vice versa – one way price: BRL 600
Limeira /Viracopos or vice versa – one way price: BRL 300


2) To spend less (BRL ≃ 70) we suggest the following:

At Guarulhos Airport you can take LIRABUS  to Campinas (direction – bus Station (“Rodoviária”) and then take a bus to Limeira

At Viracopos Airport you can take a regular bus to “Campinas Bus Station (Rodoviária)”  via VB Transportes or executive bus of LIRABUS and then take a bus to Limeira

3) Also you can take a bus to São Paulo bus terminal (Tiete) using a regular bus (no place to accommodate your luggage)  or using an executive service called “Airport bus service” and then take a bus to Limeira


4) You also can arrange a personalized transfer with OK viagens ( directly from the airport to Limeira and vice versa.