July 17, 2017
Monday, 10:20-12:00
Oral Session 1: Emerging Contaminants
10:20-10:40 Advanced oxidation processes on doxycycline degradation: monitoring of antimicrobial activity and acute toxicity
M S Cruz, M G Maniero, J R Guimarães
10:40-11:00 Adverse effects of cocaine by-product in the marine mussel Perna perna: reproduction, health status and neurotoxicity.
Luciane Alves Maranho1, Andressa Ortega Barbosa1, Lucas Monteiro de Carvalho Silva1, Aline Saturnino Souto Kamimura2, Beatriz Barbosa Moreno1, Caio Rodriguez Nobre2, Fabio Hermes Pusceddu2, Daniel Ribeiro1, Camilo Dias Seabra Pereira1,2
11:00-11:20 Tox-Box: Hazard-based risk management of anthropogenic trace substances for protection of the drinking water supply
J Kuckelkorn1, M Kramer2, W Brack3, E Rabbow4, M Knauer5, HR Glatt6, C Baumstark-Khan4, E Küster3, T Braunbeck7, P Waldmann8, H Hollert1, T Grummt9
11:20-11:25 Adverse effects of cocaine byproduct  in the reproduction of sea urchin in an ocean acidification scenario
L S Souza1, F H Pusceddu2, F S Cortez2, D A Ribeiro3, T A delValls1, C D S Pereira4
11:25-11:30 Detection of Estrogens and Toxicity in a River System Using Bioluminescent Yeast Assays and Macrobenthos Analysis
Kimberly N. Johnson1, Jean-Paul Simjouw1, Melanie L. Eldridge1
11:30-11:35 Four years of estrogenic activity assessment in surface waters of São Paulo State, Brazil
G A Martini¹, D D França², W A A Soares², S H K Takeda², G A Quináglia², M I Z Sato², J R Rogero¹
11:35-12:00 Questions & Answers