July 21, 2017
Friday, 09:00-10:40
Oral Session 7: Alternative Testing
09:00-09:20 Xenopus oocytes in environmental toxicology: a promising tool?
S Slaby¹ ², M Marin¹, A Lescuyer¹, G Marchand¹ ², A Leprêtre², J-F Bodart¹ and S Lemiere²
09:20-09:40 Gammarus fossarum as a sensitive tool to reveal residual toxicity of treated wastewater effluents
Adriana Wigh 1, Olivier Geffard 2, Alain Devaux 1 and Sylvie Bony 1
09:40-10:00 Invertebrate immunity: potential uses in understanding toxicant effects in novel models
Elisabeth A. Dyrynda and Theodore D. Henry
10:00-10:20 Soil environmental genotoxicity
S Lemiere¹ and P Vasseur²
10:20-10:40 Questions & Answers