Greetings from Limeira, SP

Building on the great success of the past seventeen International Symposia on Toxicity Assessment since 1983, the eighteenth meeting of the International Symposium on Toxicity Assessment (ISTA 18) will be held in the School of Tecnology, UNICAMP, Campus I in Limeira from July 16 21, 2017.

This symposium series provides a platform for scientists from around the world to discuss the latest developments in understanding levels of toxicity and mechanisms of action for chemicals of global concern to better inform regulatory toxicology focused on public health and environmental safety.  Current advances in the fields of toxicity assessment, biomarkers and bioindicators, environmental chemistry and green chemistry, remediation and mitigation technologies will be covered.

ISTA 18 is a unique opportunity to bring together researchers, professionals, administrators, regulators, non-governmental organizations and policy-makers to exchange ideas, identify research, and determine resource needs, in order to support better management of ecosystem health and minimize risks to public health.

Early career researchers and students are strongly encouraged to participate in ISTA 18.  These meetings have been shown to provide an excellent opportunity for networking and career advancement.

This promises to be one of the best ISTAs ever, to be held finally in Brazil.  Hospitality and a pleasant atmosphere are our promises. Limeira is a small urban centre, located in SP state surrounded by industries, plantations and water resources.. School of Technology is located in a growing University campus and was constructed to provide opportunities to young people. Students come from all cities from the countryside of SP that are looking for good education. July is the best season to come, although winter, temperatures range from 15 to 30oC.