LADC 2013 General Chair invites you to come to Rio – “The marvellous city”

Dependable systems must be reliable, trustable, available and resilient to malicious attacks, accidental faults and design errors to attend our society, strongly dependent on computers and software products. Computer malfunctioning in various application areas, such as bank transactions, transportation, medical equipment, satellites, telecommunication networks among others, can impact people who use vulnerable systems and services.

The researches developed in these areas aiming for dependability of systems and software can find in LADC the best place, in Latin America, to discuss how such systems should be developed, tested and evaluated.

The conference offers an international forum to present research results, solutions to problems, insights into emerging challenges in a rich program addressing multiple facets of dependable and secure computing.

To complement this well-balanced technical program, two social events have been planned, to integrate the participants into the Brazilian culture, and to offer them the opportunity to share together an enjoyable moment.

Rio de Janeiro is the most beautiful city in Brazil and one of the more important research center in Latin America. Its beaches and landscape are incredible and you all must come to see and understand Brazilian style of life. The conference will take place at Windsor Plaza Hotel, a nice hotel in Copacabana. Copacabana is a central area in Rio and you can find there lots of restaurant and interesting places.

I am looking forward to see you in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil.

Regina Lúcia de Oliveira Moraes
LADC 2013 General Chair