Preparation of nanomaterials derived from graphene oxide, characterization and its application in water purification

Researcher at LAEG: Gisela de Aragão Umbuzeiro

Main Researcher: Patrícia Prediger

Duration: August/2015– January/2018

Supported by: The Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP)

Members: Gisela de Aragão Umbuzeiro, Patrícia Prediger, Carlos Roque Duarte Correia, Enelton Fagnani, Vitor Rafael Coluci

Support Type: Regular Research

The present project refers to synthesis of nanomaterials derived from graphene oxide by grafting reactions of diazonium salts. After the elucidation of the structure, these nanomaterials will be used in adsorption processes of various contaminants in water, starting with surfactants. Adsorption kinetics studies will be carried out in order to describe the mathematical model to predict the adsorption process. At the same time, theoretical calculation studies and molecular modeling will be developed to know more deeply the forces and modes of interaction between the nanoadsorbent and the adsorbed materials. Additionally, experiments aimed at recycling nanoadsorbent will be performed, so that this material can be repeatedly used, reducing the process cost. In a second stage, a system will be developed for a continuous-flow adsorption on a pilot scale. Parameters such as number of nanoadsorbent, water flow containing surfactant, pH, among others will be evaluated. In addition to the surfactants, it is planned to investigate the adsorption of heavy metals such as Pb, Cr and Co as well as toxic organic compounds such as pesticides, dyes, etc. The efficiency of the filtering nanomaterial will be evaluated from bioassays with microorganisms, by analyzing parameters of the decrease of the toxicity of heavy metals and toxic organic compounds. Finally, experiments will be performed with actual samples to evaluate the nanoadsorbent performance. The efficiency of the filtering nanomaterial will be checked in situations that occur in nature. Water samples will be collected from rivers contaminated with dyes, pesticides and others. (AU)