About us

The Research Group for Optimization of Analytical Technologies Applied to Environmental and Sanitary Samples (GOTAS) was registered on the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) on October 28, 2016. Enelton Fagnani, PhD, is the coordinator. The GOTAS’s logo can be seen below:

In Portuguese, GOTAS means “drops”. The GOTAS’s logo brings the letter “O” as drops, because the environmental subject predominately studied by the group is water and wastewater. The letter “T” is an adaptation of the School of Technology logo, depicting a water tap.

The black portion of the letter “A” represents the number four, because four sequential words of the research group denomination (in Portuguese) start with “A”. Finally, the letter “S” refers to the sanitary area. In order to contribute with the national and international scientific scenario, the name GOTAS was inspired by a poem, “Oceanos são feitos de gotas d´água” (Oceans are made of water drops, in English), which says “… water droplets constitute the whole big ocean”.